Updating old cupboards

Hello!! It’s me again. Melodee 🤓 Your personal Organizing Nerd.


Do you have any old melamine cupboards in your house?  You know the ones I am talking about, right?  They are boring and white.  And usually a little banged up.  These ones are located in a laundry room, but I have also seen them in a storage room or garage.

This turned out to be a fun and easy project.  Hardly anyone likes to do laundry anyway, and this room is visible from the kitchen so it was screaming for a mini-make makeover.  But painting was a very permanent option, and new cupboards was an expensive option, so this is a good marriage of the two options.  But luckily it doesn’t require a high commitment level.

For this project I ordered some contact paper from Amazon.  Yep, you heard me right. Contact paper.  The possibilities are endless.

IMG_6435It’s not only for lining shelves.  And if you hate the look, pull it off.  No harm, no foul. One by one I took off the cupboard doors and wrapped each of them like a present.  The tricky part was the larger pieces, trying to get them straight and not crumpled would have been easier with a second set of hands. After the contact paper went up the it was obvious old handles needed an updating too.  A quick run to Home Depot and we found these cute handles for a little color splash.


The contact paper updates the space in an inexpensive way. Overall, the contact paper achieved the desired effect.  An updated space for under $100.00.

Happy Organizing!!


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